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About Cosmic Castings

Healthy organic worm castings from Cosmic Castings

Opposite to fertilizers, our Cosmic Castings work to increase and improve soil conditions over time instead of depleting or being depreciated soil through the growing season.

Our Company
outside of the cosmic castings factory

At Cosmic Castings our factory is equipped with state of the art machinery that allows us to produce worm castings in large quantities while still implementing ethical and sustainable practices.


We take great pride in our 100% pure Cosmic Castings (worm castings). We raise our worms in our indoor facility, where we can monitor the temperature to ensure optimum growth and health for our worms. Our worms are fed old forest Humas with our special worm mix, which contains a wide variety of minerals and trace elements required for best possible plant growth in plant available form. Our 100% pure natural castings contain profuse beneficial microbial population wide bio-diversity. Cosmic Castings are free of weed seeds, E. coli and Salmonella. We do not use animal manure in manufacturing our pure worm castings. Our pure castings are a natural soil amendment that comes to you straight from nature with no modifications.

We are a family run business and because of that we strive to treat our customers with the utmost respect. Maintaining a good relationship with all of our clients has been key to the success of our company. Please give us a call today to find out more about ordering our worm castings.

Worm Castings
organic worm castings made with vegan soil

Our Cosmic Worm Castings are a proven method of restoring the beneficial life to the soil, especially including the protozoa and bacterial life.


Too often minerals, and/or fertilizers, are not in a form that is bioavailable to the plants. Soil microorganisms are required to release these nutrients as the plants need them. These beneficial microorganisms act as nature’s workers by:


  • Breaking down minerals into a bioavailable form.

  • Decomposing the organic matter to Humas and releasing plant food elements.

  • Working with hormones and enzymes in the soil for the plant to use.


Quality Assurance: 99% Pure Organic Vegan Worm Castings. Not produced with yard or landfill waste. Not made with horse, cow or any grazing animal manure. Guaranteed weed seed free. Raised in our indoor facility and fed a controlled quality diet.

Organic Soil
Organic soil has millions of beneficial organisms within it

Millions of beneficial microscopic organism live within just a square inch of healthy organic soil.  Numerous species all live together, including beneficial species of bacteria, nematodes, fungi, and protozoa that don’t cause disease or become pest.


When soil conditions are managed properly and allow microbes to live/function, these helpful species perform vital work in the root zone. This brings a real benefit to growers, farmers, and gardeners alike.


Humas, also known as decaying matter, loosens soil for enhanced root development. This Humas enables soil to more efficiently absorb and retain moisture, while helping young plants to establish a healthier root system in the early stages of root development.

A continuous supply of nitrogen(in various forms), carbon dioxide, phosphorous, and other nutrients are released during the decomposition process of organic matter. The organic matter acts as a container or storage facility for the mineral nutrients. Essential nutrients to plant growth such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and others are stored in the Humas. This helps to lessen the risk of nitrogen loss from leaching.

Humas loosens soil to enhance root development
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